The Second Week…

So we’re now starting the second week of our BASI prep course with Ski Focus, and so far  we’ve all survived the bumps, but still have a loooong way to go before we match the skills of the German team..

Team Germany ruling the bumps (apologies it’s not embedded, but it’s worth the click I promise!).

The skies have stayed blue and the snow has stayed impeccable, the lifts, however, have not been so well behaved meaning we were greeted with a bit of cross-country-style skiing this morning when the t-bar stopped working. Still adjusting to the altitude we were all left a little out of puff, but enjoyed a run from the top of the glacier down to Val Claret down MM to start our day as a result.

Rosie dog is well and is now able to frolic on the snow/ice with the help of her booties, although occasionally she trips over them but soldiers on to perform some beautiful pirouettes!

Rosie dog and her cute little booties

We are now down to just 5 in our training group, but this does mean that we are now divide evenly into pairs when going up the t-bar.. a simple pleasure but it’s nice to talk to someone on the way up!

BASI prep group (minus me!) week 2

Oh, and how could I forget to mention the most important parts of the past week.. THE CAKES (well, tarts really)!! Bought by the lovely James (green and yellow.. not to be confused with Gabriele.. see below) when we had our training group over for dinner. Oh. My. Goodness they were delicious. Chocolatey, caramelly, biscuity, fruity goodness… mmmmmmm…..


Separated at birth..?

All in all life is grand and with Tori’s 25th birthday tomorrow, it’s shaping up to be a snowtastic week.. x

Welcome to Tignes…

We’ve finally made it! Two 5am starts, a sub-Channel crossing, 45 minute argument with sat nav, posh hostel/cheapo hotel, 750 miles, several pain au chocolat, and a fatty pooch later we arrived in Tignes at 11.30am on Saturday 10th November.

Rosie Dog

Sadly instead of beautiful blue skies we were greeted with drizzly rain and slushy roads, but we are now home and settled for the season.

This morning, however, we were greeted with a completely different view..

Le Lac in the early hours of this morning

For our second day of BASI prep training with Ski Focus up on the glacier we were long turns a-go-go after yesterday’s playing in the powdery piste, and we all managed to step it up both in speed, aggression, and overall performance. We also welcomed Sally to the group after taking a day to acclimatise Rosie dog to her new surroundings (which, btw she has settled into beautifully).

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we are 7 for 7 for tumbles – yes that’s right, even our trainer had a stumble in the challenging conditions yesterday (much to everyone’s delight!).

Not sure what tomorrow has in store for us yet, but if the conditions are anything like they were today we’re in for a real treat…