Best. Pie. EVER..

Wow what a couple of weeks it’s been..

No sooner had I returned from the UK, I was off on another adventure to Alpe d’Huez with Tori, this time for her first ever Euro Test. Fortunately this time it only took us 3ish hours (instead of the 6ish back in December when sat nav took us up a col..!), and we arrived in sunlight! Amazing. Oh, and we also managed to finally get a photo of a very naughty town just outside of Moutiers (teehee)..


The first thing we noticed was how warm it was.. usually in Tignes wearing anything less than hat, gloves, coat, thermals, boots etc. leaves you shivering and huddling for warmth, but on arrival we jumped out of the car towards the hotel in.. wait for it.. a t-shirt and hoody. Madness!

Not only was the weather funky, but all of the hotel room proportions were a little out too leaving us feeling like giants!


Inevitably it wasn’t long before we were on the hunt for food and our noses led us to O Bar¬†where we were treated to the most delicous meal I’ve had in a long time. Chicken and Mushroom Pie (with the most amazing chips ever!) followed by chocolate fondant pudding with ice cream. Oh. My. God. We were on the verge of ordering the meal all over again until our little food babies convinced us it would be a bad idea..

Sadly we scoffed the pie too quickly to take a picture but managed to capture the pud before it disappeared.. mmm….

IMG_2299Once we were back in Tignes it was back to the BASS training and shadowing Basecamp once more. I’m starting to finally sort my head out with longs and even captured a good run on camera.. just got to be consistent and man up now!!

Our return to Tignes meant the return to sub-zero temperatures and this hot chocolate was definitely the magic cure on a particularly cold and frost-nibbly day..

IMG_2321Although the weather is cold enough to turn your toes white, it does mean we get beautiful mornings like this.. wow..





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