Five days and counting..

Apologies for my nearly two month absence from the blog.. life took over somewhat but fear not, I’m back!

As many of you are aware I have been training with Ski Focus and BASS throughout the season towards the technical component of my ISIA qualification. Well. D-day has now arrived and today was the first day of the course in Val d’Isere..

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but so far feedback has been positive and necessary changes have been made so just got to keep on top of it and keep everything (but not skis) crossed for the result on Friday!

Things I’ve learnt today:

  • Our trainer was a women’s hairdresser for six years before taking up skiing full-time.
  • I am skiing with a pro-athlete who has played hockey for England at all levels.
  • I am also skiing with a pro icecream maker (got to stay in touch…!)
  • I am ALSO skiing with a girl who came second at the skiercross in the BRITS earlier this month.
  • Lion hats do not look good on anyone.
  • Oh.. and I am also skiing with a pro model (well.. until he was 16 anyway!).

More fun facts to follow tomorrow I’m sure, but for now I’ll leave you with an image of how not to get into the bubble in La Daille…


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