The results are in.. (WE DID IT!!)

So that’s it.. three years, two indoor ski slopes, and one amazing season (and around 300 of hours training) later and I’ve officially completed my ISIA.

It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to take the first steps towards my ISTD.

The week has flown by accompanied by every type of snow condition, but for the last day we were treated once again to blue skies which lifted everyone’s spirits. The highlight of the day, however, has to be playing in the off-piste/variables and watching Drew do a backflip. AMAZING!

Huge thanks must go to everyone I trained with this season (Stu, Steve, Craig, Lauder and Andy that’s YOU!).. their support and expertise has been second to none and I can’t wait to return to train with them again next year.

Here’s a photo summary of the week for you all..


Up the poma in flat light and zero vis on day 1


Blue skies on day 3


Friday morning and what a view


Best commute ever..


A little celebratory shopping


Tori and me.. ISIAs at last!

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