It’s been a while…

Hi all, my apologies for the now nearly three month absence.. turns out the season’s been busier than I’d realised!

To save you from all the boring details, here’s a (very brief) breakdown of what’s been going on each month:

November: Level 3 Adaptive exam in Zermatt (passed!) complete with 2 compressed ribs & vertebra from flipping the mono ski like a pro!

December: Two weeks of training with BASS, 1 week’s shadowing + 1 week of being poorly (aww)

January: More epic BASS training, EMS training course for 4 days, 1 week off from back spasm (boooooo!)

February: Level 4 Alpine teach exam (passed – thank you BASS and Ski Focus!), more BASS training, back to the UK for Esme’s Hen Do + a gazillion tours for the EMS exam in March.

All in all I’m cream crackered but loving every minute of it!!!

Here are some of my favourite moments from the season so far.. these pictures make me *SO HAPPY*

IMG_3473_SnapseedSkiing with Ski Focus


New BFF!


Loving the Atomics


Snowy Sal


Obligatory CAAAAKE!


Reaching the top of Col du Palet


Reaching the top of Pointe d’Averne (1054m of vertical upness!!)


View from the top of Pointe d’Averne


On the way down from Pointe d’Averne


At Pointe des Lorès – I love the magnitude of the mountains in this one

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