And we’re off…

YIPPIE the winter season has finally arrived!

Today Sal and I have set off on our annual pilgrimage to Tignes via a two-week stop in Zermatt for our respective adaptive exams.

Having managed to take an earlier train under the sea we’re now in France and en route to our first stop in Dijon.

As far as we can tell we’ve not yet remembered that we’ve forgotten anything (!) so fingers crossed on that front!

Here’s my checklist so far… let me know if you think I’ve missed anything:

New shoes – check!


New boots – check!


Rosie dog – check!


CAKE – check!!


There’s definitely a Sally in the car too but we’ve both made the executive decision that’s it’s too early for selfies at the moment!!

More updates to come soon… maybe even tomorrow if you’re lucky!

Two months later..

Apologies (again!) for the delay in posting, but as I’m sure you will understand, life needed a little sorting before I could post again.

So, what’s new?


I am now back in Milton Keynes working for Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK) three days a week (YIPPEE).

After a slight false-start I am now back living in MK too.

I have tried (and failed) to bake the American way (i.e. using cups (or mugs in my case)) in the absence of any scales.. massive brownie FAIL!

I have tried (and failed again) to start running .. 4 miles was a bit ambitious given it’s been a year since I last ran and as a result (despite copious amounts of stretching en route) I couldn’t walk down the stairs the next day.

HOWEVER.. amidst the trials and tribulations I did discover a new-found talent that I believe will be most useful in my journey towards ISTD.. chubby bunnys!!

Just in case you had any doubt, here’s the proof…